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I'm a nobody with a plan...

Have you ever thought of the coolest business ideas, inventions or concepts and wind up forgetting about them? Then, someone else does it later and make millions.

I bet we all have. Especially, in our earlier years while we were all busy trying new things and having the time of our lives. I never thought about making my business ideas a reality until the last couple of years because of one reason. I didn’t know where to start. I don’t know if there’s an actual template for turning an idea into a million-dollar reality, as each concept has many of its own dynamics, but I do know this. If you don’t capture it, you will forget its importance at that moment.

So, I want to talk about the best techniques I’m using to capture my ideas and how to keep the ball rolling to turn my dreams into reality. It will seem basic, because when you really look at it, it is! With today’s technology there’s no reason you can’t build an idea on the spot from wherever you are in the world with the help of one little device. Your phone.

When I am brewing future business ideas, I find it easy to lose a lot of information that comes into my head during the creative process. Something easy like a note pad is beneficial, however I find task manager apps to be my best friend as of lately. One in particular being an app call Asana. The way I can create an organization (The concept), then design projects for that organization, then tasks within each project and finally sub tasks within those make my ideas really move along. Not long after I think of the concept, I find I can snowball a large amount of information into an organized business plan.

I also like that I can add friends or possible business partners, then share and assign tasks to those people. There’s commenting sections on each task so if an idea is no good, we just comment and change the tasks as needed.

Making templates for a successful process within Asana is also a cool concept that I’m using a lot lately. We all have our own processes to do things. Efficiency comes from doing the same things repeatedly, but faster every time. So, when I do something right, I like to capture it on a template so I can do the same successful thing again the next time. These things are always changing as I quite often find new ways to be efficient.

I’ve used Asana for my bands, this website and many other concepts. Put simply, it’s just a way for me to be a bit more organized and efficient.

Another thing I like to use is voice memos. I mostly use voice memos for song ideas. So good to utilize on the spot if I have a sweet riff in my head, vocals or a drum beat. I will straight up hum, sing or beat box into my phone. The funny part is when you listen back to it. I’ve heard some average humming come out of my phone, but I have capitalized on it as well.

Voice memos within apps, such as what’s app or Imessage, are beneficial if you come up with an idea while you are too busy to text someone. Just make sure you set up your message options to keep messages longer than a day. I once lost some really good information that a friend sent me because I didn’t set up my voice memo settings properly. Good thing he had his set up properly so he could resend the important message.

Finally, to end my day I am finding it beneficial to keep a journal. I use grid diary, I love how I can come up with my own topics of what I want to journal about. Whether it be family, physical condition or what I succeeded at in my day, it helps to reflect. I also make my plans for the next day at this point, then in the morning just have a quick look. Maybe alter the plan a bit depending on the climate of my life at that moment in time, but for the most part I stick to it as these plans are the things I need to do, to succeed in my day. At least that’s what I thought yesterday.

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