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Blasting Off

Whenever i'm planning my day I often sit back and think about the easiest ways to achieve my daily goals. People often cross my mind. Whether it be people I know or people I want to know, the strength of my network determines the speed of my success.

If I have a weak network it will take me longer to reach my goals, as I have to build the network I need to have from scratch. Ideally a social media site or job hosting site could give me the accessibility to people I need to meet and this is how I would then outsource, however this way still lacks some depth. Some depth into who the person in the network really is.

The vision of this website is to build unity within the network, raise self awareness and write about our experiences. Not only to share trial and error, success stories or just great content, but to be able to positively promote one another and get us all thinking of the one thing thats been on my mind for at least 2 years now.

What's my legacy going to be?

I want to look back at my time on this earth, smile and tell a story that I can be proud to pass onto my family for generations to come.

Even though we all make mistakes in life and when I say mistakes I don't mean like, "oh I got fired from my job" or "fuck, I failed my test the other day". I'm talking about the bad shit like addiction, divorce, bankruptcy, fucking over your friends, going to jail and shit like that. Let us not forget to mention being on the wrong side of unfortunate events in life, whatever it may be.

Even though we all live in darkness at one time or another, I feel its important to know that we can all bounce back from it, I don't care who you are. We can't let those things define us. What we need is be accountable and outweigh the good from the bad. So if your reading this and it sounds right up your alley i hope you enjoy the content that is put out in the future as I myself look forward to seeing where "The Wurthy" goes.

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