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True Balance. (@_benjr_)

Ben Roser. You can catch him on his insta @_benjr_. What brought me to speaking with Ben was his quick transformation, not only with his body, I’m talking like a full fork in the road, eeny, meeny, miny, moe, I’m picking a new route type of transformation. You see Ben grew up as most of us that are from small towns did 20 years ago. Easily convinced that certain aspects about manliness, toughness and physique are the way they are. Lets face it, the role models in a lot of small towns back in the day were far from divided.

Ben never in his life would of thought that his truest form of strength would have came from an exercise form such as calisthenics. Before he found himself doing this style of keeping fit, he was doing what most of us do. Ticking off the boxes, going into the gym and banging out the routines we have all been doing since the beginning of gym. He found himself in a rut and decided to try a program to revamp his love for keeping fit. The program was one that Scott Evennet puts on and is a 12 Week Warrior plan including a work out and nutrition package.

The program was a success and what was more of a success was one of the goals. Having the ability to do a handstand push up. At first he couldn’t do it but the journey of getting there was fun and the progression was amazing. He began watching you tube and Instagram videos from a company called ThenX and found him self getting immersed into more and more Full Body Calisthenic Work Outs. Along with the calisthenics, handstand pushups and new diet, Ben also began to meditate which he says keeps him balanced through work, exercise and his busy life.

After the 12 Week challenge Ben was at a new bench mark. It was his best form of himself that he had ever seen physically. Yet still he felt he could get better. He continued with the handstands and if you follow his Instagram you will see his progression. He transformed his body and mind in the following 3 months drastically into an even stronger self. His new routine consisted of work, lunch break calisthenics, work, yoga, maintain healthy diet, meditation and hand stands before bed. His love for his new found life transformed him and he didn’t even realize it. His body changed as well as his mind.

His mind changed through meditation and he felt he needed more to keep the ball rolling in the self growth department. He found the help he was looking for with a company that goes by the name of These guys offer optimization coaching with focus on breaking through fears, limitations and helping you learn the tools to be successful in all areas of life. Ben says this has really helped him realize that his ultimate vocation would be to teach Calisthenics and travel the world putting on classes doing so.

For now Ben continues his routine of perfecting his skills with handstands and calisthenics. He is driven to make this passion his life work and continues the balancing act between his current job and getting there. He also told me that he is working on a ridiculously hard looking form called the Planche. All I can describe this as is a controlled silent beast mode…

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