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I'm a better man from a one night stand…(@scottmichael_89)

Picture this. You’re a 24 year old male. Have a great group of buds. Perform routine weekly rituals that involve all sorts of shenanigans. Make decent money and pretty much live without a care in the world. Being in this position, it would be hard to picture anything different than the lush life you "think" you have, especially long term. The thought of commitment is daunting and who really cares anyways, its better to live for the moment right? Well this seemed to be the case for my friend Scott Hegge.

One night during one of Scotts routine outings with da’ boys he met a young lady and did the usual thing that most of us who attend those sorts of thing do… He picked up. After a night of fun, he and her parted ways on what he thought was a one night stand. Now before I get into the rest here let me interject by stating once again, Scott was having lots of fun at this point in his life and was worry free.

Going forward about 5 weeks from the hook up (a little off topic but much needed for the story). Scott and his buddies went to Vegas and were having a blast. So much so that they decided, since he kind of looked like “Stu” from the cult film “The Hangover”, that he should get a Henna tattoo of the one Ed Helms had on his face in the movie. Also since Scott has a fake tooth, naturally had to take it out to give the full effect for the trip to Vegas. So one would think what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, right? Well not in this case. In this case Scott was left with a temporary Henna tattoo for 2 weeks following the Vegas trip. Almost directly after the trip, Scott got a call from the hook up he had 5 weeks prior. It seemed urgent so being the good bloke he is, they picked a spot to meet and the date was on.

Well the look on her face when she first seen him would have been priceless. As serious as the next bit of info is, the fact that Scott Walked into this with the iconic face off of a hilarious movie is just too good to be true. Anyways, the anxious girl had serious news for Scott. It seemed the night of fun was a lot of fun and they had cooked up a little bundle of let’s get real now. I can only imagine the thoughts going through his head at this moment… Father hood, baby Mama, bills to pay and a ridiculously obvious face tattoo. It seemed Scott was at a cross roads in his life and he needed to make a choice on a question we should all ask when we are in his shoes. What kind of father will I be for my child?

The girl’s family lived in Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada. Which is about 1200km away from where Scott lived at the time. Problems already. She offered to stay in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada as his family probably could have helped out but Scott again being the good bloke he is, decided that she will need a support group like her family to get through the pregnancy, child birth and mother hood. Though it wasn’t easy Scott up and left his life in a matter of 3 weeks after finding out. Now this isn’t a feel good story of love where they end up living happily ever after. But they were in this together and were willing to work through it for the sake of their then soon to be child. I tip my hat to Scott as it would not have been the easiest choice to make at that point in a person's life.

It was definitely the right one though. There would have been many trial and errors Scott went through in the whole process that we can go through another time if we ask him nicely, however I don’t want to highlight his faults here. I want to highlight his success in this story. You see before Scott left he was working at a Car dealership as a salesman. Being an outgoing relatively handsome young man Scott did well for himself. So naturally when he landed in Vancouver he took to selling cars.

Once his baby girl Zoe was born it all hit him. He knew he made the right choice. This was the only choice he could have made and he realized it then and there. You see Scott didn’t have much of a positive father figure growing up other than his grandpa. The one thing he didn’t want in his life was to do the same thing to his little Zoe. So his most important win of his life right there proved to be and will always be paying off.

The next win came when one day, he and Zoe were out at a park. A man with a camera approached them and asked to take pictures of his cute little girl. Slightly put off by the fact, Scott began asking why and found the photographer actually worked for a modeling agency. That day ended with Scott getting a card for the agency and going in to book modeling work for himself. Scott has since then found an agent and pursued some modelling work for really good side money. He also has a fashion show coming up, so stay tuned.

One day, a few of his connections from the modelling industry told him that he had a great personality for acting. So once again, he decided to try and see where that avenue could lead him. He found that acting was actually pretty hard to get into and you have to join an actor’s union to work so he has joined a junior actors union as an apprentice. He now has an acting agent and as is trying for mainly roles in commercials, but one of his highlights thus far is appearing in the hit TV Netflix series “I Zombie” on Season 4. He has also done work on the apocalyptic show “No Tomorrow”.

Scott has hustled all this extra side work while being an amazing father in a not so new place now, but initially, a new place to call home. He has also moved up the food chain at his job and is a respectful finance director at the dealership he works at. At only 27 he has made something out of himself and does not seem to be slowing down, only getting used to the busyness of success. The recent purchase of his beautiful new home has given him some added drive to succeed and without a doubt, he will prosper.

When I did this interview with my friend Scott he was driving from picking up his daughter. He drives one and a half hours to drop off his girl in the mornings when he has her and does the same thing to pick her up after his day of work. Initially he sounded tired, but still with all that’s going on in his life you could hear that he knew this is all just part of the game. True success stems from the ability to stay on the ball at all times and do the right things in the most opportune moments.

You can say that his one night stand had forced him out of his comfort zone and since then he has evolved into a man with a recipe for success.

You can follow Scott on instagram @scottmichael_89

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