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Building Legacies
Stories of success, made by you.


Thanks for checking out The Wurthy. My name is Albert Murray and I am thrilled to have this opportunity to share the success stories of friends from all walks of life with you. Please feel free to comment on the blogs you are about to read. If you're interested in having an interview and believe you have a story to share, please refer to the contact page. At the bottom of this page is an explanation of how I operate.


Simply put, this is a good way to capture some of the best learnings my colleagues and I have come across. On a deeper note, I also want to help my fellow humans when interviewing and documenting the success of their past. If it helps steer where they are going in their future then great. Even if its not seen as a success at the time, reflection of how we get to the top of our game is vital. This type of information could save someone else time and possibly misery from making the same mistakes. 


A small town Canadian lad that grew up on an acreage, had an abundance of fun as a kid and learned how to get into a decent amount of trouble at a young age. If it wasn’t for my friends & family pulling my head out of my ass a countless number of times I wouldn’t be here today.


To my wife and kids: I want to make you proud and this website is just one way I will accomplish that.



I’m seeking purpose. This is a way for me to give back. The interview process, the outcomes of the articles and what they mean to the people I write about is "The Wurthy’s" niche. I find that by interviewing people on when they may have had an epiphany or major turning point in their life, that I’m assisting in the affirmation that they have indeed succeeded. Now when I view success, I do not solely look at financial and career status. Although these are important, I am looking to write about successful people, whatever form success may take.


So, there you have it, I've told you my master plan. I’m trying to make people feel good and I want you to steal my idea because to me, it will help make the world a better place…

How it all works,

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Step 1: I find someone either through my network or who I find interesting.

Step 2: I approach this person for an interview.

Step 3: If successful we do the interview, usually only takes 15-20 minutes. However, should the convo be interesting why not keep it going.  

Step 4: Article is written and edited.

Step 5: Give the article to the person I'm writing about and make sure they are OK with it all. I'll amend if needed but haven't had to yet... 

Step 6: Update to blog and link Instagram account to the network. I really want to highlight the use of the Instagram network. If your reading a story and you are into it, go check out the Instagram account linked to the person I wrote about and expand your network.

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